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This training will introduce you to Agile principles and mindset, focusing on value, misapplications, and critical adoption. You will have hands-on training to learn Agile methodologies and principles, collaborate effectively, adapt to change, deliver incrementally, and continuously improve. This practical guide will help you transform your work and improve efficiency and performance.

  • What is Agile, and how does it deliver value?

  • Which framework do I use - Scrum, Kanban, or DevOps?

  • What are common misapplications of Agile methodologies, and how can you avoid them?

  • What are the critical factors for successful Agile adoption?

  • How can Agile methodologies help teams collaborate effectively, adapt to change, and deliver incrementally?

  • What are some practical techniques and tools that Agile practitioners can use?


2 or 4 Days

Who should attend?

Tailored for development teams, project managers, product owners, scrum masters, and anyone directly involved in Agile project development and execution.

Pre-requisite knowledge

Some familiarity with project management concepts and a desire to engage in hands-on Agile practices. Previous exposure to Agile is beneficial but not mandatory.


This training, tailored to enable HR, Finance, and Marketing functions, will explore how to integrate Agile into various organisational facets. You will discover how Agile principles can optimise your specific function, enhance collaboration across departments, and contribute to overall business agility. It's a unique opportunity for non-technical teams like yours to embrace Agile and become catalysts for organisational success.

  • How can Enabling Functions effectively integrate Agile into their specific roles and responsibilities?

  • What are the key benefits of adopting Agile for non-technical teams?

  • How can Agile practices help us optimise our business-as-usual processes?

  • How can we foster collaboration and alignment between us and other departments?

  • How can we become change agents and catalysts for successful Agile transformation across the organisation?


2 Days

Who should attend?

Suitable for enabling functions such as HR, Finance, Marketing, and other non-technical teams that wish to integrate Agile principles into their operations.

Pre-requisite knowledge

Interest in applying Agile principles to non-technical functions. No prior Agile or technical knowledge required.

Agile for Enablers


2 hours

Who should attend?

Ideal for executives, managers, team leaders, and anyone keen on learning how to apply AI

Pre-requisite knowledge


An engaging two-hour session that lays the groundwork for harnessing Generative AI, sparking a revolution in workplace efficiency and innovation.

  • "What exactly is Generative AI, and how does it function?"

  • "How can it transform our business?"

  • “What does the future look like?"

  • "Where do we start?"

  • "Is it safe to use Generative AI?"

Generative AI for Leaders

Revolutionise your team's workflow with a full-day, hands-on workshop on Generative AI.

  • “Which workflows can benefit from AI?"

  • "How can we enhance a workflow with AI?"

  • "How can we create a proof of concept?"

  • "What AI tools will be most helpful to enhance the workflow"

  • "How can we sustain the momentum in the long term?"


1 Day

Who should attend?

Functional teams (i.e. Finance, HR, Sales)

Project Teams


Members of Digital / Strategy / Innovation /


GenAi Overview
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THE AISHIFT Masterclass

Learn how to adopt Generative AI into your ecosystem, empowering your organisation with the ultimate AI Shift experience.

  • "How can we align our goals with Generative AI?“

  • “Can we use our own data?”

  • “How will it impact our structure and roles?”

  • “How do we strategise for continuous adoption?”

  • “What ethical and regulatory considerations must we consider?”

  • “How do we create an AI driven culture?”

  • “How can we upskill our employees?”


2  Days

Who should attend?


Members of Digital / Strategy / Innovation /


GenAI Workshop

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