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We believe each organisation and each team to be unique Therefore, the training should fit this need and not the other way around. 

What is Agile+
What is Agile+

Agile+ (Agile Plus) contains close to 10 approaches that combine Agile (what is Agile?) with other methodologies such as Design Thinking (what is Design Thinking?), Lean Start-up (what is Lean Start-up?), Jobs-To-Be-Done (what is Jobs-to-be-done?). Approach implementation is sequential (in a lifecycle) or independent (any approach on its own).

The combination of approaches enhances Agile as a delivery capability, especially in Customer Focus and Innovation. The plus also denotes tailoring Agile+ for each team and organisation.

Agile+ Cycle.png

module one

This module guides leaders on adopting Agile+. It provides an understanding of agile+ and their role as leaders to drive its success as a new way of working. For example, what is the mindset shift, measure of success, and how do you sustain or make Agile "stick".


module two

This workshop spans several days for teams working on any Technology or non-Technology related initiative. It covers both theory and practice on up to 10 of the Agile+ approaches.


This session will require a pre-workshop engagement with the team to tailor the learning for improved applicability.

Team Training

module three

Coaching of Agile+ Teams and Advocates (see Module 4). The sessions provide continuous guidance and support for teams and advocates to continue the momentum and overcome impediments. 

Coaching sessions are either scheduled or ad-hoc based on the need.

module four

Identify & train Advocates of Agile+ to drive the practice. Apart from a thorough knowledge of the Agile+ model, the training covers coaching, facilitation, and training topics. Advocates are similar to Scrum Masters under Scrum


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