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Use Cases

Updated: Mar 8

[NOTE: These Use Cases explore hypothetical organisations]


Use Case 1: Digital Workforce Management for Plantation Workers

Startup: AgriWork Solutions

Problem Statement: Managing a large workforce across extensive plantation areas can be challenging, leading to inefficient task allocation, productivity tracking, and worker welfare management. A more streamlined approach to workforce management that also prioritizes worker safety and satisfaction is needed.

Brief: AgriWork Solutions offers a digital platform designed specifically for the agricultural sector to enhance workforce management. This platform includes features for real-time task assignment based on location and worker skill set, digital time tracking, productivity monitoring, and a communication channel for workers to report issues or concerns. By implementing this solution, palm oil plantations can improve operational efficiency, ensure fair labour practices, and enhance worker satisfaction and safety. This optimises internal operations and contributes to the company's social responsibility initiatives.


Use Case 2 : Sustainable Palm Oil Product Branding and Consumer Engagement Platform

Startup: EcoBrand Solutions

Problem Statement: Despite efforts to produce sustainable palm oil, consumer perception of palm oil products remains mixed, largely due to concerns about environmental impact. To change consumer perceptions and drive market demand, the sustainability efforts and benefits of palm oil products must be effectively communicated.

Brief: EcoBrand Solutions specialises in creating digital platforms for sustainable branding and consumer engagement. Their solution offers palm oil product manufacturers a suite of tools for storytelling, transparency in the supply chain, and interactive consumer education. The platform enables companies to showcase their commitment to sustainable palm oil production, including certifications, environmental initiatives, and community support projects. Through engaging content, augmented reality (AR) experiences, and direct consumer feedback channels, the platform aims to build trust, educate consumers about the benefits of sustainably produced palm oil, and ultimately drive preference for brands prioritising sustainability.


Use Case 3: Renewable Energy Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

Startup: BioEnerGreen Co.

Problem Statement: Palm oil mills produce a significant amount of effluent, which currently needs to be utilised and can cause environmental pollution if not treated properly. There is an opportunity to convert this waste into a valuable resource.

Brief: BioEnerGreen Co. specialises in converting Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) into renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. By partnering with palm oil plantations, they aim to set up biogas plants that treat POME to produce biogas, which can be used to generate electricity or as a clean fuel. This not only helps in managing waste efficiently but also provides a sustainable energy source, reducing the carbon footprint of the plantation.

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