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Scrum Primer - Sprint Retrospectives

This article is part of a series on Scrum Primer. See the first post on Sprints

"People and Interactions over Processes and Tools."

Regardless of how good a Scrum team is, there is always some room for improvement. The Sprint Retrospective event allows the team to reflect on how they worked together at the end of each Sprint. These can include elements of team motivation and communication.

Who - The development team, Scrum Master and Product Owner (optional). Anybody who actively worked on tasks throughout the Sprint should be part of this event.

When - At the end of every Sprint but after a Sprint Review

Length - One hour per week of work. Sprint Retrospective should take approximately two hours if Sprints commonly occur over two weeks.

Flow - What worked for us or did not work for us in the team, and what can we improve? Facilitated by the Scrum Master in a closed room session.

Outcome - Action items for continuous improvement

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